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Welcome to the home page of the Design Framework !!

Welcome to DF


The Design Framework is an approach and a tool that helps you to link all design activities to concrete design artifacts and to track consistency of these artefacts in a multi diciplinary environment !

During the design process, DF helps you to:

  • show how design information is linked, while checking the consistency,
  • show which models and experiments were used during design,
  • track the rationale of design information

For information and some examples on how DF can be used, you can look at the 'how to use' pages.

The concepts behind DF are introduced here.


The Design Framework is putting the results from a number innovative high tech projects into practical use, working in close cooperation with our industrial partners.

The original work has been carried out as part of the MULTIFORM project.
Current work is carried out as part of the Octoplus project (an extension of the Octopus project).

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